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Class (4) Licence - Professional Driver

(2 hour lesson) $150.00

Professional Driver – Taxis, ambulance, and other emergency vehicles, (buses 10 to 24 passengers). Drivers must meet vision, medical, knowledge and driving skills test in order to obtain this a class of licence.


If you are looking to become professional driver and need help on how to prepare for your road test and rules associated with the test. We have an excellent program to assist you as a professional driver you will have to ensure that your vehicle is properly maintained by performing pre-trip inspection and take a driver test.


Training Overview:

  • Vehicle inspection & Driving for the road test

  • Assessment of your driving skills

  • Moving IN & OUT around parked cars

  • Merge and Left turn into boulevard from stop sign

  • Multiple lane changes and complex turns

  • Corrections and recommendations

  • Complete assessment of your driving skills


Note: Driver must hold a Full Class 5 driver’s licence.


“Free pick up and drop off city wide”

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