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PRICE $795.00

(Workbook and handbook are extra)



This program is tailord to students with complete driving knowledge of the basic rules of the road and the skills behind the wheel. The In-Car training begins soon as student obtains the Learner Licence. Our program focuses on the skills you need to be safe on the road. Our instructors will work with you in developing and maintaining important defensive driving habits. You will gain the skills and confidence needed to drive safely in all traffic situations. All courses are taught by certified instructors and classes are available during the days, evenings and weekends for your convenience. The program is offered to students of all ages and learning/language levels. Our experienced instructors are patient and speak many languages.


Classroom Lessons Plan: (10 hours - 5 classes of 2 hours each)
  1. Signs / Traffic Lights / Road Markings

  2. Driver Licensing and road ways/ Regulations / Traffic Law /Intersections

  3. Poor driving conditions. Ice / Snow / Night / Gravel / Hills

  4. The Four Categories of Impairment / Legal Consequences of unsafe driving

  5. Final review and quizzes before taking the 5L Licence Test


In-Car Training Lesson Plan: (10 hours - 5 classes of 2 hours each)
  1. Basic vehicle control (left & right turns residential and stopping point)

  2. Lane changing / following distance / visual scanning

  3. Complex turns (left at large intersection & yield/merge)

  4. Down-Town Driving (dealing with left & right turns into ONE WAY STREETS)

  5. Parallel, stall parking and backing in to stall


Note: weekend and evening classes available. Also, no additional charge for pick up and drop off for in-car sessions / training. We will come to you!

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