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Motorcycle Rental

"Anyway you can get your fix - take it!"

Why invest in a motorcycle and have it sit in your garage, depreciation, maintenance and the insanely short riding season. Renting it once or twice a year would definitely be a better solution and a lot cheaper. Perhaps your wife or husband doesn't let you own a motorcycle!!!


DON'T LAUGH! Actually, we have a certain group of customers that fit into this category. Owning a motorcycle would cause unnecessary friction in the marriage. Motorcycle rental is a way that they can keep the peace and get some of the enjoyment of riding.


Motorcycle and Requirement:

  • 2013 Yamaha VX250 and more models to come in 2014 season

  • Must have a valid class (6F) licence

  • Learner licence Class (6L) with motorcycle safety course certificate

  • Rental for road test and riding skills training now available 


Accessories Rental:

  • Helmet

  • Jacket

  • Grove



  • Daily - $149.00 per day

  • Weekly - $110.00 per day (5 days minimum)

  • Monthly - $90.00 per day (20 days minimum)


Note* - All prices includes insurance and taxes.

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