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Appointments may be booked through us or MPI. Remember that you must have your learner licence for minimum of 9 months before you can take the road test. The test can be done with any passenger vehicle as long as it is in good working condition. Please ensure that all signal lights, brake lights, and horn are in working condition before heading to the test centre. Also, make sure that you have original vehicle insurance certificate with you.


If your vehicle is not in good working condition or you are looking to do the test in a smaller vehicle… We can assist you! Our certified instructor will pick you up and will go over the basic driving skills and parallel parking techniques with you. This one hour lesson prior to the road test will definitely help calm your nerve and most importantly this is the opportunity for you ask questions to clarify any doubt you may have. The duration of the road test is 25 minutes (20 minutes basic driving skills and 5 minutes for parallel parking).


Road Test Package class (5) $100.00
  • One hour training prior to the road test

  • The use of the vehicle for the road test

  • Parallel & Stall Parking

  • Residential driving (moving in & out around parked cars)

  • Left turns at traffic light (establishing at green light)

  • Lane change and traffic circle (roundabout)

  • Road Test appointments are now available Book Now!


Test review and ride back home, school, work are included.


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