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Mature Drivers & Improvement Program

(8 hours course – 5 classes of 2 hours each) $149.00


Driving is a skill that can and should be continually improved. Driver improvement in either classroom or in-car training can help you keep driving knowledge fresh and get the most out of your vehicle, while reducing RISK to you, your passengers and others on the road. Taking a comprehensive driving improvement program will ensure that you know the most up to date regulations, traffic signs and driving techniques. It is important to know and understand the challenges that come with aging. Our program is designed to deal with the age-related driving challenges such as slower reflexes, weaker vision, depth perception, visual tracking, scanning pattern, awareness and reaction time.



Course Overview: (books and Material Included)

  • Highway Traffic Act / Signs & Symbols / Intersections

  • Age-Related Challenges

  • Reflexes-Vision-Space Perception-Visual Tracking

  • Scanning Pattern -Awareness & Reaction Time

  • Medications and Driving -Safety Suggestions

  • Knowing When & Why to turn the key over

  • Driving Techniques-Stopping-following distance

  • Turnings / Emergency Vehicle​

In-car Training and Preparation:

  • $50.00 – 1 hour lesson

  • $150.00 - 3 X 1 hour lessons

  • $250.00 – 5 X 1 hour lessons


"free Pickup and Drop off city wide"
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